πŸ’₯Stockton Superhero TributesπŸ’₯

🌟Professor RIchard Elmore -As my mentor, Professor Elmore taught me to open my thought process to look at life from many angles. His support and guidance helped shape a solid foundation to learn. From: Steven Lyons '79

🌟WLFR Radio Student DJ - Anyone who goes to school fulltime and takes time to have a radio program on WFLR is a SUPERHERO! From: Sean Bauer '91

🌟The Elliott Family  - with 12 Osprey Alumni: Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Elliott, John Elliott, James Elliott, Nancy Elliott, Kim Elliott, Rachel Elliott Semovoski, Sarah Elliott Harrell, Sean Harrell, David Elliott, Andrew Elliott, Jessica Elliott, Joshua Elliot. From: Rev. Dr. Jeffrey Elliott '83

🌟 Dr. Patricia Reid-MerrittMany years ago when I was a student at Stockton, Dr. Reid-Merritt was one of the professors who was a light, an encourager, and supported me on completing my bachelors. From: Sarah M. Logan '88

🌟 Irene JacobsonShe is 105 years old and has been a guiding light to her children, grandchildren, great great grandchildren, and extended family and friends. From: Lois Weiner '87 

🌟 Geneva M. TaylorMy mother lead by example, and was always willing to give to others. From: Jeanine Taylor

🌟 Hal Taylor Observatory: This gift is in memory of our son, Timothy James Stout. The night sky was his refuge from an issue for which there was no medicine. He will live forever in our hearts and in the Stockton Observatory. From: David Stout

🌟Alan Arcuri: Professor Arcuri was a political science professor who was incredibly helpful to me in college and as I  applied to law school. He was insightful, talented and generous with his time. From: George J. Kruger '76

🌟WLFR: I hosted a radio show from 1992-94 and served as the "Heavy Metal" Music Director. My weekly interaction with record label reps helped develop office and phone skills that transferred to my professional career. From: Todd Scione '94 

🌟My English Setter, Snow: He is a rescue and went through much adversity. He is my teacher everyday about perseverance and loyalty. Today he is "Prince" Snow. He is very grateful for his life now, and gives us needed joy each day. From: Bruce Perrulli '78

🌟 STOCKTON: Stockton was life changing for me and my late wife. From: James Gregory '76

🌟Any college/university graduate: The graduate had to use time and money to get their degree. They educated themselves to be better and get a better future. From: Brenda Fuzman '82

🌟Dr. Pat Hecht: In the days when auditing was permitted, Pat let me audit Acting I where I discovered the joy of actively participating in theatre. Many acting courses and performances have followed. From: Rachel Kaplan

🌟Dr. Jo Frances Stow: Dr. Stow was a nurse who understood what it was like to work full time and go back to school. She was ahead of her time with independent study now known as virtual learning. From: Beverly McPeak '84

🌟Former Professor Claude Epstein: Claude had a way of explaining concepts that you could imagine, he recognized effort in your work, and he was very funny and kept everyone's attention. A great guy and professor!. From: Barbara Ruby-Murray '81

🌟STOCKTON: As I look back on my time at Stockton, everybody was super in a way that was beneficial for me. Thank you for a great experience at a SUPER UNIVERSITY! From: Carolynne Carer '08

🌟All FACULTY: For the knowledge that they taught. From: Elizabeth M. Lynch '07

🌟Bruce McConnell: Bruce was instrumental in growing the Bowling Club and starting the Stockton Bowling Team, which I was a part. We have become life-long friends. From: Steven Corssland '89

🌟Harold E. Taylor and so many others: From: Daniel Naif '99

🌟Lake Fred: From: Stephen V. Strano '95

🌟Dr Shelby Broughton: His lectures were always interesting, but mostly it was his caring and personal interest in all the students. He made everyone feel important. FromDenise Hauck Hompe '76

🌟Dr. Johanna Johnson: My superhero and lifelong friend! From: Patricia Maimone

🌟Pam CrossWhen I was a nineteen-year-old student at Stockton, Pam recruited me to tutor. Through Pam (and often with her encouragement), I discovered the world of tutoring centers and the value of working with first-year students, which changed the course of my professional life. I love what I do, and I owe it to Pam. From: Eddie Horan '14

🌟Harold Taylor He was my Applied Physics professor, mentor, and friend. From: David Fawcett '76

🌟Gail Abrams and Joshua Jess Cabot: As a dance major at Stockton Gail and Josh were not only exemplary in their own dancing abilities, but taught with such enthusiasm, loving kindness, and expertise, our group couldn’t help but grow, in so many ways including our dance prowess. An amazing opportunity to perform and teach and train with Gail and Josh as well as one of the sweetest collection of dance students was complete blessing and fulfillment. Thanks Gail and Josh (of sweet and precious memory). Bless you! From: Ruth Williams Lang '84

🌟Dr. Tom Kinsella: Dr. Kinsella is a superhero because he went above and beyond for me when I was his student. Without his assistance, I would not have been able to graduate! From: Shawna Beals-Rivera '05

🌟John Sinton, Yitzhak, Libby Marsh: for being inspiring educators, for allowing me to believe in the possibilities. I've had the pleasure of working in different levels of local, county and state government offices, but I truly found my place in the Green Acres Program with NJDEP. And with becoming a Master Composter in 1998, I embrace opportunity for participation in environmental educational programs! Thank you Stockton Professors for providing the foundation for me to grow! From: Patricia Ferriola '85

🌟George Zimmerman: He approached forestry and statistics with the enthusiasm of a scientist and the creativity of an artist. From: Christy Kessler '89

🌟Steven A. Johnson: Steve was my roommate at Stockton. After graduation in 1980, we became lifelong friends. We shared many family vacations together. Sadly, he passed away in the summer of 2021. His brilliance, humor, and love for his family is deeply missed every day!! From: Joe Jozak '80

🌟Dr. Patricia Reid-Merritt, the late Dr. Sherman Lebovitz, Dr. Beverly Vaughn and all of my Tri Sigma sisters: I became the person I am now due to all of you. From: Meredith Gelfand '91

🌟John Boyle:  Professor Boyle's professionalism and his ability to care about his students and their knowledge shined through in his teaching. He inspired me not only as a person but also in my career. From:  Lynette Raphael '10

🌟Marilyn Vito: Professor Vito provided an unmatched educational experience that helped me to inspire me to be the best I could be in my field. From: Lynette Raphael '10

🌟Franklin O. Smith: Without his encouragement and mentorship I wouldn't be where I am today. From:  Alexandra Buford '02

🌟Dean Peter Straub: For his tireless efforts to help and uplift people, charismatic leadership, and being a role model, mentor and an exceptionally good person. From: Anonymous

🌟My Sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma: These ladies were a great support system and provided many wonderful memories for me. Many of my sisters continue to play an active role inspiring me and supporting me daily. From: Michelle Davis '91

🌟Stephen Dunn: Professor, mentor, friend and colleague, Stephen Dunn helped me become the writer I am. From: Peter Murphy

🌟Tony Grillo: Tony was a student at Stockton and a friend on mine. He never let his Muscular Dystrophy limit his dreams. He worked at Atlantic Electric until the early 1990's and later as a designer of software for the casino industry. A guy with a big heart and laugh. Sadly he passed in 2010. A true Super Hero. From: John Strubinger '84 

🌟Yitzhak Sharon: Because he put his heart and soul into teaching us. I will never forget him chasing a jumping frog around the classroom to teach us what vectors were πŸ’œ From: Kathy Mickel

🌟Ms. Dianne Hill Stalling: Dianne has a genuine love and commitment to serve students it’s often the people in back that serve as the foundation of a college. She has been a mentor to thousands of student and her enthusiasm never wears out. She is honored as a hero. From: Michele Doughty '86

🌟Dr. Carol Rittner: She has always been my hero and source of inspiration. From: Shawna Beals-Rivera '09

🌟Gail Rosenthal: Mrs. Rosenthal has never failed to assist me and the students when needed. From: Shawna Beals-Rivera '09

🌟Sara Faurot Crowley: She is one of the most genuine people I have ever known and ALWAYS tries to do the right thing. So, this gift is in memory of Chad but in honor of Sara. From: Dawn Hans

🌟Susan Zavaglia Werner: Her continued desire to help promote Stockton. From: Anonymous

🌟Yitzhak Sharon: I never would have picked Physics as my major without him. He made me think, best gift I ever received. From: Robert Whitelaw '78 

🌟Dr. Vera King Farris: simply the fact that she was a woman of color as President of the University. From: Marcy Erceg '86

🌟Brittany Rifenburg '24: She is fantastic in every way!!! From: Ava Rifenburg

🌟Anthony Dissen: Professor Dissen is one of my heroes because he spreads positivity. From: Stefan Delp

🌟Stockton Professors: Yitzhak, Sipra Pal, Bev Vaughn and Gordan Grguric inspired me to pursue a career in marine science while also keeping music in my life! 20 years later I still sing and have a great career as an oceanographer! From Laura Rear McLaughlin '00

🌟Professor Bill Daley: Known to many as Bill was the very first faculty member on that when has started at Stockton in 1976… He was a true friend and a great professor… Always leading the charge… A great mentor… Insatiable smile and energy… Nothing but positive energy… unforgettable- I am forever grateful! From: Louis Crespo '80

🌟Dr. Rich Hager:  Dr. Hager helped me to recognize I was smart and capable of being a marine scientist. From: Diane Bellantoni '82

🌟Chia-Lin Wu: He is a role model who has driven my career as a math teacher. From Ruthanne Williams '15

🌟The Professors and Students at Stockton: The professor and students assisted me in my times of confusion and did not judge me by the color of my skin. From: Charletta Mitchell '22

🌟All Graphic Design Students:: The senior project 2 class in the graphic design field was always an inspiration! We would give each other feedback, exchange ideas and always share a laugh amongst each other. They are the real MVPs! From: Anonymous '22

🌟Sue Werner: Sue is one of the most hardworking and dedicated people I have come to know at Stockton. She genuinely cares about each and every interaction she has with everyone. She has the biggest heart and encourages everyone to follow their dreams! From: Erika Cassetta '13

🌟Daniel Wright: for stepping up and into Middle States Accreditation evidence work when I went out on early maternity leave and absolutely knocking it out of the park! From: Erika Cassetta '13

🌟Renee Cavezza: for being one of the most knowledgeable and best Middle States Accreditation evidence tracking partners ever! From: Erika Cassetta '13

🌟Chloe Astin '23:  Chloe's positivity and kindness are contagious! Her sincerity and gratitude in all she does is greatly appreciated. Thanks for all you do, Chloe! From: Nikki

🌟Donna Albano: Donna is passionate about the Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management program and really cares about her students. From: Jim & Donna Ziereis

🌟All Stockton Nursing Students: They are the most tenacious, compassionate, dedicated, outstanding students. From: Anonymous!  

🌟Nancy Ayala: Nancy stepped up in a huge way when I went on maternity leave. Without a communications background, she stepped into my role taking on both daily responsibilities and major communications campaigns. She handled each task with professionalism, grace and a positive attitude. Not to mention her creative talent and writing ability is that of a seasoned communications professional. Thank you Nancy for all that you do! We are proud of you. From: Allie

🌟Richard Hager: Richard was approachable, he cared about the students. He helped me personally by allowing me to be his TA and run boats during field courses. I learned about Marine Science and learned valuable life lessons. From: Russ Berkoben '77

🌟Irvin Moreno-Rodriguez: Irvin is everyone's Superhero at Stockton. Your dedication to ALL inspires each of us at Stockton. Thank you, Irvin. From: Anonymous

🌟Robert King: Bob was instrumental in mentoring me during my early years at Stockton. He truly led by example as an individual of the highest moral character and integrity. The caliber of his work was second to none and he approached every task with precision, enthusiasm and humility. From: Jennifer Barr

🌟Susan Werner:  Sue is an amazing friend, colleague, mentor and my personal super hero!! From: Darlene Astin

🌟Courtney Corson: Courtney is seeking to make a difference by becoming an elementary school teacher. As one of her professors and her aunt, I could not be more proud of her. From: Norma Boakes

🌟Loukaia Taylor: Loukaia has the grit, scholarly prowess and determination to succeed! From: Anonymous

🌟Brooke Larsen: started the art program at Stockton and for being a challenging and inspiring teacher. From: Linda Cliff '76

🌟Prof. Ken Tompkins: Just the most amazing professor of my college career. Wisdom, humor, kindness, patience. From: Jennifer Jabolonski-Haskins '95

🌟My grandmother, Julia Nemeth who had an entrepreneurial spirit, tenacity, and empathy. From: Anonymous

🌟Susan Davenport: Susan Davenport is the epitome of grace under fire. She was already an important voice in the administration before COVID, but became ground zero for organizing and coordinating on-campus operations and communications during the pandemic while the President rightly focused on external affairs. She is a model to emulate and I'll always be grateful for her as a mentor. From: Anonymous

🌟Professor Herbert Burkman: Herb was a dear friend and advisor to a group of students from Hong Kong, he passed away 2 years ago... This is to honor his kind soul, Herb will be remembered dearly. From: Lam Chi Kun Anthony '75

🌟Jack Connor: Thanks to Jack Connor I am now able to pass on my working knowledge of the natural world to children and adults who patronize the parks of New York City. From: Juliann Baker '07

🌟All the Members of SAVE wherever & whenever they are:  Especially on Earth Day I would like to honor all the former and current and future members of the Stockton Action Volunteers for the Environment, for all they have contributed and all they will contribute to this planet. SAVE was a huge part of my life at Stockton State College, sorry it was Stockton State College long before University. These people helped establish and build an environment of friendship loyalty and community that continued Stockton's feeling of inclusiveness and the students being part of their curriculum. No other school with permit that, even though they did cut down my Ropes Course, I sort of forgave them. To all the original members of save I say thank you for some awesome days and letting this person make a difference. Moe you still owe me another spaghetti dinner. From: Chuck Sary '79

🌟Stewart Farrell: I entered Stockton as an insecure wife and mother and graduated as a "Lookout World--Here I Come!" confident individual. I give full credit to Stew Farrell for the change. He never expected less from me than he did from any of the younger male students in the class. From: Mary Ellen Callahan '73

🌟Gerald Enscoe:  He convinced me that I wasn't too old to go to college and I was as smart as the kids! From: Anne Rosenberg '85

🌟Prof. Amy Situ-Liu: "Research is very important!" Is something Prof. Situ-Liu would constantly remind us of in class. It certainly is the truth. There is nothing more beneficial than gathering data, analyzing it and sending someone to jail for their crimes. Thank you for helping keep the streets safe. From: Bryan Gaviria '12

🌟Donna Moller: Mrs. Donna Moller, SOWK graduate, remains a community activist, seeking equality and empowerment within her vocation. Donna's personal interests also serve others; she is quite the history buff. Her efforts to preserve the community's rich history of Lacey Township is admirable. As a member and leader of the Lacey's Historical Society, she brings her community organizing skills, research expertise, and attention to details to broaden the society's scope and community reach. Donna is committed to preserving history for Lacey's youth of today and future generations. From: Lisa Shaw '83

🌟Mona Margarita: She was my faculty advisor and she gave me the confidence to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. She was always encouraging and she always made time to help with what your needs may be. From: Michael FItzgerald '82

🌟Murray Kirch: Incredible teacher and an all around nice guy. I learned more from him than any other teacher. From: Robert Noble '88

🌟William J. Gilmore: He was a great teacher, researcher, writer, and friend. From: Anne I Fairweather '82

🌟Bill Daly: Bill has been an exemplary educator, mentor, and friend for nearly 50 years. More than just a model to emulate, he inspired me personally and professionally. I stayed in school because of him and went on to earn graduate degrees from Harvard and Rutgers and teach at Rutgers, Vassar, and DePaul. None of this would have been possible were it not for one phone call Bill made to my home in 1973, asking why I’d missed class and if all was well. As a first gen student I was so shocked that a professor would do that—I never cut another class until after graduating in 1976. My gratitude to Bill and Stockton truly knows no bounds. From: Elizabeth Kelly '76

🌟Gail Rosenthal: Gail, you are a wonderful teacher, leader, and mentor. I am only one of many Stockton students who are appreciative of your mentorship and lessons of hope. You are more than a Stockton Hero; you are a Stockton Legend! From: Anonymous

🌟Pete Rolls: a Great Friend  From: Brian L. George

🌟Dr. Janice Joseph: Dr. Joseph is my hero because she is a phenomenal Professor and great mentor who has inspired me to get to where I am today in my career and educational endeavors. From: Terry M. King '96

🌟Monica Viani: For her work with the Osprey Food Pantry! From Carl Archut '16

🌟All Superheroes 2022: From: Jennifer Ruzicka '83

🌟Nikki Strothers: For taking time out of her busy schedule to fill my office with pictures of my baby and offering so many words of encouragement upon my return from maternity leave. This among a million other things she does to make our workplace brighter! From: Allie

🌟Dr. Shelby Broughton: For me at least, the 70s were about expanding my experiences and challenging my comfort zone. Shelby taught Chemistry, but also a course called "Models of Consciousness" which took us on a tour of the Earth's religious/spiritual belief systems complete with exercises like sitting quiet and still for 5 minutes and staring. What tricks did our eyes play on us? Where did our minds go? From: Nick Sodano '81

🌟Rudolf G. Arndt: As my professor, and student advisor, he taught me the importance of having a strong work ethic.  He also worked to get me my first internship/job in marine biology with Ichthyological Associates performing environmental impact studies of the Oyster Creek Nuclear Generating Station on the local rivers and Barnegat Bay. From: David Kobb '77

🌟Dick Thomas: "My dad, my hero"  FromJohn R. Thomas '92

🌟Missy Delaney For her ability to leap tall buildings and "deliver"!  From: a grateful colleague

🌟Jena Brignola: Jena's creative graphics talent is only outdone by her incredible spirit of cooperation and teamwork. From: Your partner in all things superhero !

🌟Craig Stambaugh: Craig is a great colleague who always puts the needs of students first. From: a grateful colleague!

🌟Cindy Crager: Cindy hired me and I enjoy my work here at Stockton. From: Ryan Dransfield

🌟Nikki Strothers: Nikki makes everyone who attends, works or supports Stockton feel special. Never too busy to help, Nikki has a permanent smile and an infectious laugh! Nikki makes us all better humans! From: a lucky co-worker!.