Ospreys Give 2023

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This campaign ends on October 5 at 01:00PM EDT

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Celebrate a Day of Giving & Gratitude

Thank you for joining us as we come together as alumni, students, faculty, staff, parents and friends to celebrate all that Stockton means to you and today's Ospreys

Ospreys Give is a great day to Give to What You Love!  From supporting scholarships, academic research and athletics to fighting food and housing insecurity, your gift in any amount will make a lasting impact on the causes you care about most! 

Whether its Stockton's legendary faculty, beautiful campus, unique learning or the life-long friends we make here, there is so much to be grateful for.   

When we join together, we can make a tremendous impact for today's Ospreys! 

Your support will help us keep Students First and a Stockton University degree possible for all deserving Ospreys.

Thank you and Go Ospreys! 

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DesignationsDonorsRaised ($)
Basketball - Men's0$0
Frank and Eileen Nugent Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
The Rev. Dr. Demetrios J. Constantelos Hellenic Collection & Reading Room Endowment0$0
FantaSea Resorts Visionary Spirit Award0$0
Al Gold Memorial Purchase Award0$0
Alan F. Arcuri and Linda J. Wharton Pre-Law Fund0$0
Community Reporting Innovation Lab0$0
Student Affairs/ WLFR Radio0$0
Volleyball - Women's0$0
The Elizabeth Alton Endowed Memorial Scholarship0$0
Sonia Gonsalves Psychology Student Research Fund0$0
Jenelle T. Archut Endowed Scholarship20$1,640
Joshua Jess Cabot Dance Scholarship0$0
Cackleberry Scholarship0$0
John Bockelmann Memorial Scholarship Endowment0$0
Lloyd Levinson Institute of Gaming, Hospitality & Tourism0$0
Pearl Hookerman and Joseph Gerald Thompson Memorial Sch.0$0
Paul E. Raether Family Honor Scholarship0$0
STOCKTON Fund for emerging needs3$120
Athletic Training Operating Fund0$0
Arts and Humanities (ARHU) Study Abroad Fund0$0
Anne and Howard Jacobson Book Award0$0
Coast Day Atlantic City0$0
Cannabis Research Institute Program Fund (CHRIS)0$0
MARS Faculty Research Scholarship for Underrepresented Students0$0
West Africa Study Tour0$0
Rowing - Men's0$0
Stacy Moore Hagan Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Hellenic Studies Diversity Travel Initiative0$0
General Athletic Fund0$0
School of Business First-Generation Student Scholarships0$0
Chad Adams '95 Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dennis Gomes Memorial Hospitality Scholarship0$0
Foundation Board of Directors Endowed Scholarship0$0
EOF - Educational Opportunity Fund0$0
Civil Rights Study Tour0$0
Yitzhak Sharon Book Award0$0
Student Relief Fund3$1,175
Mary Ann Green Mastrangelo Endowed Scholarship0$0
Alan F. Arcuri and Linda J. Wharton Pre-Law Endowment0$0
Tara Jean Barker '06, DPT '08 Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dr. Keith B. Williams Psychology Merit Scholar Award0$0
Student Success Scholars Program0$0
Jonathan B. DeMario Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Vera King Farris Scholarship0$0
Huttinger Family Scholarship0$0
Dr. Richard Maung, MPT '01/DPT '08 Scholarship0$0
Military & Veterans Student Emergency Fund0$0
Silba Distinguished Scholarship0$0
High Impact Practices Scholarship Fund0$0
Stockton Federation of Teachers Endowed Scholarship0$0
Michael Jacobson, Esq. Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dr. Juanita High Distinguished Student Book Award0$0
SCOSA: Southern NJ Council Issues on Aging0$0
Edward and Melanja Bukowski Memorial D.P.T. Scholarship0$0
McCann Science Award0$0
Rose Taylor Boyce Memorial Scholarship0$0
Sankofa Student Retention Initiative0$0
Dr. Carol Slocum Book Award0$0
MSW (Master of Social Work) Endowed Scholarship Award0$0
Hollander Memorial Foundation Scholarship0$0
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Atlantic City Hospitality and Tourism Scholarship0$0
School of Health Sciences Graduate Student Scholarships0$0
Literature Program0$0
School of Social & Behavioral Sciences (SOBL) General Scholarships0$0
Lacrosse - Men's0$0
Barbara M. McDowell Memorial Scholarship0$0
Debbie Wilkinson School of Health Science Transfer Students' Scholarship0$0
Rowing - Women's1$25
Diane M. Leitner Book Award0$0
Multicultural Center0$0
The William H. and Elizabeth J. McMahon Scholarship0$0
Christine Scrapper Ross '85 Memorial Fund0$0
Dean C. and Zoe S. Pappas Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies Endowment0$0
Ruth Fisch Kessler Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dean Dennis and Susan Weiss Scholarship in Marine Science0$0
Speech and Hearing Clinic0$0
Perskie Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Save the Turtles: Terrapin Conservation Fund0$0
Student Housing Essentials Fund0$0
Model UN Operating Fund2$260
Krystyn DiLuigi-Vivarelli Love of Nursing Scholarship0$0
Dr. Amy Ackerman Scholarship0$0
Alternative Spring Break0$0
Alton Mental Health Initiatives Fund0$0
Gholam Hussein Ghorashi Book Award0$0
Hughes Family Fund Scholarship0$0
GENS Tutoring Center Emergency Student Fund0$0
Microbial Markings of the Pinelands Research Fund0$0
Hockey - Men's0$0
School of Graduate & Continuing Studies General Scholarships0$0
Soccer - Men's0$0
Summer Entrepreneurship and Business Academy (SEBA)0$0
Col. Kenneth R. Stow US Military Veterans Scholarship0$0
Stephen J. Volpe '00 Environmental Science Scholarship0$0
Lacrosse - Women's0$0
Dorothy Rose Ricciardi Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
William T. Daly School of General Studies (GENS) General Scholarships0$0
Antoinette Bigel Anthropological Studies Endowed Scholarship0$0
Kesselman Club Sports and Intramurals Achievement Fund0$0
Dr. Janice Joseph Tuition Award0$0
Basketball - Women's0$0
Joseph and Mildred Hussong Scholarship0$0
Angela Sena Memorial Scholarship0$0
Helen and Murray Fassler Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
School of Business Emergency Student Fund0$0
Robert Watters Sr. Music Scholarship0$0
Refugee Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship Fund0$0
Andrew and Camille Dolce Endowed Scholarship0$0
Asha Suraj Foundation Endowed Scholarship0$0
Gross Family Environmental Scholarship Fund0$0
Theresa A. Sierra Scholarship Service Award0$0
Josephine Lopatto Nursing Award0$0
Track & Field - Women's0$0
Stockton Honors Program0$0
Marine Science Studies Fund0$0
Intellectual Curiosity Award0$0
Gibb Foundation Scholarship0$0
Nursing Program Operating Fund0$0
O'Brien College Education Dream Come True Fund0$0
William Hughes Center for Public Policy Endowment0$0
Howard Bacharach Memorial Scholarship0$0
Science Enrichment Academy at Stockton University (SEAS)0$0
Stockton Women's Leadership Council (SWLC)0$0
School of Social & Behavioral Sciences (SOBL) Student Emergency Fund0$0
Dean Dennis Weiss Student Travel Fund0$0
Unidos Program Support0$0
The Atlantic City Fire Department "Sand Pipers" Pipe Band Endowment Scholarship0$0
Jamie Crescenzo Memorial Scholarship0$0
Archives and Special Collections Program Support Fund0$0
Dr. Elizabeth Elmore Center for Economic Development & Financial Literacy0$0
DeAnna Stark Pasciuto '01 Memorial Scholarship0$0
William T. Daly School of General Studies (GENS) General Program Support0$0
Nancy Ashton Scholarship0$0
School of Education Student Internships & Experiential Learning0$0
Amandeo Family Scholarship0$0
School of Business Internship Fund0$0
School of Education Youth Programming and Initiatives0$0
Harold E. Taylor Observatory0$0
MAHG Fellowship Fund0$0
Senator James Whelan Endowed Memorial Scholarship0$0
Stephen A. Glass Memorial Scholarship0$0
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NAMS) Student Research Fund0$0
Council of Black Faculty & Staff Endowed Scholarship0$0
Mary Ellen Brophy '86 Memorial Scholarship0$0
Helen W. and Joseph L. Walsh Helping Achieve the Dream Fund0$0
Larsen Family Scholarship Fund0$0
Alliance Heritage Center Operating Fund0$0
Arnold and Gertrude Kramer Endowed Memorial Scholarship0$0
Henry Y. Lee '14 Memorial Scholarship0$0
Flag Football - Men's0$0
Henry O. Tustin Memorial Scholarship0$0
Stockton Aquarium & Aquaculture Club (SAAC)0$0
John R. Elliott Character & Leadership Program Support Fund0$0
General Scholarship Fund8$900
Gravitz Family Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dr. Jo Frances Stow Public Health Scholarship0$0
Active Minds/Suicide Prevention Operating Fund0$0
Thomas J. Blakely Memorial Political Science Scholarship0$0
Murphy Writing Program0$0
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NAMS) Graduate Research Fellowships0$0
Alliance Heritage Endowed Fund0$0
Krig and Rebe Art Scholarship0$0
Arman Roy Foundation Hope Scholarship0$0
Summer Intensive Research Experiences0$0
Education is Universal Scholarship0$0
Mimi Schwartz Writing Award0$0
George Greenman Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Joan M. Pesce Scholarship Fund0$0
Flerida Santana Unidos Scholarship0$0
Engelberg Leadership Scholarship Program0$0
The Carole Ashe Memorial Scholarship0$0
Food Assistance Program1$500
Golf - Women's0$0
MAIT Program Fund0$0
Graduate Education Program Support0$0
Bess Kathrins School of Health Sciences Scholarship Award0$0
Sarah West Leeds Scholarship Endowment0$0
Baseball - Men's0$0
Greg Angelucci '87 Veteran Scholarship Award0$0
Magda Shenberg Leuchter Intern Scholarship0$0
Katharine M. Ullman Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Parent and Family Association Scholarship0$0
Cross Country - Men's0$0
Jaybala and Pravin Khatiwala Endowed Memorial Scholarship0$0
Stockton University Retiree Assn. (SURA)0$0
Speech and Hearing Club0$0
Anntonia Palladino Memorial Scholarship Endowment0$0
Daniel and Rebecca Nugent School of Education Scholarship1$50
School of Arts & Humanities (ARHU) General Scholarships0$0
Shanon Newberry Physical Therapy Scholarship0$0
American Studies Book Award0$0
Shawn L. Bronson Criminal Justice Book Award0$0
Mary & Jay Kennedy EOF Award Scholarship0$0
School of Education General Scholarships0$0
Daughters American Revolution Military & Veterans Scholarship0$0
School of Business General Scholarships0$0
Visiting Writers Endowment0$0
Women's Gender & Sexuality Center0$0
Dr. Larry J. Macaluso Scholarship0$0
Marine Science Research Experience for Undergraduates -MSREU0$0
Softball - Women's0$0
Sara & Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center Legacy Campaign for the Future0$0
Bernard I. Friedenberg Award - Jewish War Veterans0$0
Paul Lyons Memorial Scholarship Fund0$0
Joan Fineran Nursing Scholarship0$0
Graduate Student Council Scholarship0$0
First-Generation Student Scholarships0$0
Michael & Maureen Frank Award for Excellence Undergraduate Research in Psychology0$0
Leona Carr Endowed Scholarship0$0
James '76 & Winifred '80 Watson Endowed Scholarship0$0
Jemima Jacob Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Nursing/Masters in Social Work0$0
Soccer - Women's0$0
Atlantic City Opportunity Fund0$0
Center for Community Engagement & Service Learning0$0
Angela Sena Memorial Alternative Spring Break Endowment0$0
ARGO Student Newspaper0$0
Interdisciplinary Center for Hellenic Studies ICHS0$0
Criminal Justice Operating Fund0$0
Paul D. Staller '97 Writing Tutors Endowment0$0
Tennis - Women's0$0
Lynne Kesselman `82/M.A.`05 and Harvey Kesselman `79 Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Constantine George Georges & Sophia C. Georges Endowed Professorship in Greek Art & Architecture0$0
School of Education Program Support0$0
Hammonton Area Endowed Scholarship0$0
Geology Aid0$0
Bonnie Milne Endowed Scholarship0$0
Milda Clucas Balch Scholarship0$0
Paul Saraduke, Jr. Memorial Physics Award0$0
Joanne Malloy Memorial Nursing Scholarship0$0
Joel and Kara Steele Scholarship0$0
Richard E. Bjork Library0$0
James F. Ryan III Military Relief Fund0$0
Diane M. Leitner Memorial Fund0$0
Africana Studies Scholarships0$0
American Legion Post 430 Scholarship0$0
Lambda Theta Phi Endowed Scholarship0$0
Veterans Affairs Scholarship0$0
Exercise Science Club0$0
Nacote Creek0$0
Summer Youth Rowing Program0$0
togetHER: Empowering & Mentoring Womxn of Color0$0
Frances N. Christian Memorial Scholarship0$0
Albert and Lenore Kramer Scholarship0$0
Carole LoBue and Ayla LoBue Kaminski Book Award0$0
Coastal Resiliency Center Fund0$0
Physical Therapy Faculty Scholarship Endowment0$0
O'Brien College Dream Come True Fund0$0
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NAMS) General Scholarships0$0
Gina Marie Durham Believe Scholarship0$0
Anthony Winston Rodriguez-Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund0$0
Yiannos Professorship in Greek Literature Endowment0$0
Woodruff Family Instrumental Music Scholarship0$0
Visiting Writers Program0$0
Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Book Award0$0
Dr. Lisa E. Cox Social Work Merit Scholar Award0$0
Visiting Nurse Association of Atlantic City Scholarship0$0
Joanne D. Birdwhistell Scholarship0$0
Tom Gagliano Marine Science and Coastal Resiliency Scholarship0$0
Hilda Perez Scholarship Endowment0$0
Field Hockey - Women's0$0
Lynne Kesselman '82 & Harvey Kesselman '79 First Generation Endowed Scholarship Fund0$0
Rensor History Endowment Fund0$0
G. Larry James Legacy Scholarship Fund0$0
Daniel Barbera '94 School of Business Scholarship0$0
School of Health Sciences Student Emergency Fund0$0
American Studies Master of Arts Study Abroad Award0$0
Strength & Conditioning Fund0$0
Career Education & Development0$0
William R. Hagaman, Jr. '79 First-Generation Student Endowed Scholarship0$0
Dr. Harold E. Taylor Physics Award0$0
Cross Country - Women's0$0
Daniel Barbera '94 Accounting and Finance Programs Fund0$0
Seeta Voorakkara Communications Disorders Memorial Scholarship0$0
Lewis Burel Hannah Memorial Scholarship0$0
School of Health Sciences General Program Support0$0
Occupational Therapy0$0
Golf - Men's0$0
Intramurals Operating Fund0$0
Dominick A. Messina Memorial Scholarship0$0
John P. Richert Memorial Scholarship0$0
American Association of University Women Scholarship (AAUW)0$0
Teski Gerontology0$0
The Pauline Brown Scholarship0$0
Atlantic City Scholarship Fund0$0
Vivian Hayes Memorial Scholarship0$0
UBSS: Unified Black Student Society & Black Alumni Scholarship0$0
Chemistry Society Book Award0$0
Sara Spencer Washington Scholarship0$0
Anna Fotia Memorial Scholarship0$0
Dr. M. Alysia Mastrangelo Physical Therapy Endowed Scholarship0$0
Parent & Family Association Program Fund0$0
Sara & Sam Schoffer Holocaust Resource Center0$0
Gregory A. Voit, MD Memorial Scholarship0$0
Spring Bash Alumni Scholarship0$0
Barbara Boor-Brown '77 Memorial Scholarship0$0
The Dean C. and Zoe S. Pappas Greek Art and Architecture Fund0$0
Lillian & Sam Levy Memorial Scholarship Endowment0$0
Elizabeth Lynch Healthcare Award0$0
Richard and Joan Bjork Memorial Scholarship Fund0$0
William Weil Scholarship0$0
School of Arts & Humanities (ARHU) General Program Support1$25
Pathways to Public Service Scholarship0$0
Social Justice & Equity Fund0$0
Meta Magnus Arndt Memorial Endowed Scholarship0$0
Paul Lyons Lecture Series0$0
School of Social & Behavioral Sciences (SOBL) General Program Support0$0
Track & Field - Men's0$0
Michelle and H. Paxson Keates Endowed Scholarship0$0
Friends of Hellenic Studies0$0
Brian K. Johnson Memorial Scholarship0$0
School of Health Sciences General Scholarships0$0
School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NAMS) General Program Support0$0
First Harvest Credit Union Endowed Scholarship0$0
NAACP Student Chapter0$0
School of Business Program Support0$0
Historical Studies Scholarship0$0
David P. Kung Scholarship for Asian Studies0$0
Physical Therapy Program0$0
Saute Dance Scholarship - Endowment0$0
Greater Atlantic City GLBT Alliance Scholarship0$0
LGBTQ+ Safe Space Initiative0$0
School of Business Global Immersion Experiences0$0
School of Arts & Humanities (ARHU) Student Emergency Fund0$0
Military & Veterans Program Operations Fund0$0
Beverly Dawna Rehfeld Scholarship0$0
Dr. Harvey Kesselman Legacy Scholarship0$0
Al Gold Memorial Lecture Series0$0
Atlantic City Social Work Center0$0
Class YearDonorsRaised ($)
Team Osprey!DonorsRaised ($)
Intramurals Operating Fund0$0
General Athletic Fund0$0
Soccer - Women's0$0
Field Hockey - Women's0$0
Lacrosse - Men's0$0
Cross Country - Women's0$0
Golf - Men's0$0
Soccer - Men's0$0
Rowing - Men's0$0
Cross Country - Men's0$0
Basketball - Women's0$0
Basketball - Men's0$0
Volleyball - Women's0$0
Softball - Women's0$0
Baseball - Men's0$0
Rowing - Women's1$25
Lacrosse - Women's0$0
Tennis - Women's0$0
Golf - Women's0$0
Athletic Training Operating Fund0$0
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